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I'm learning to really find who I am and what I want out of life.
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No one should have to choose between their job & child. This #FathersDay tell Congress America needs the #FAMILYAct:

@carseatcanopyllc this one matcha my car seat! Love all the Canopus though! #swaggrabcc


He once bought Rachel a star, and when she asked if it was named after her, he replied “No, I thought about that, but then I named it Finn Hudson. Because there’s already a star named Rachel Berry. And she’s right here on earth, and she’s brighter than any of those stars up there. So I just wanted to make sure that whenever she feels lonely she can look up in the sky, and no matter where I am, she can know that I’m looking down on her.”

Perhaps he is out there, bright and shining as a star in the sky. Forever in our hearts, Cory. Rest in Peace.

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My first attempt at corned beef and cabbage, with potatoes and carrots.

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She hasn’t moved all morning! Oh the life!